About Snapzu

Snapzu lets you establish a gamified persona based on creative expression fueled by real and truthful discussions without the stigma of attaching personal details to the things you love and share. Real name social networks inadvertently promote narcissistic values by asking people to share images, events, links and feedback that is unrealistic and often exaggerated in an effort to create the most grandiose online presence. In other words, these networks are forcing users to “play politician” which promotes the oppression of legitimate beliefs and ideas that would otherwise flow freely.

At a time when social networks are systematically dismantling personal privacy, it is Snapzu that embraces the concept of responsible anonymity. With this, users can freely express their true unhindered selves and reach a level of creativity afforded only to those who do it without fear of prejudice from the very people they share their offline lives with.

Our users can level-up their profile using a mix of engaging gamification elements, social activity and content creation. All profiles can progress to higher experience levels unlocking new functionality, perks and other objectives along the way.

Snapzu, as a social network, closely resembles a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), where users earn XP (experience points) and build a reputation for being active and helpful. It is this concept of leveling and reputation that allows Snapzu to combat spam and trolling, leading to a fun and creative environment that promotes equality and true self expression.

Are you ready for a new way to connect and share?

If your answer is YES, please be sure to request an invite or ask a friend for one!

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